Fear – Is it reasonable to be so afraid?

Fear, is it reasonable to be so afraid?

Surrounded by terrible news. On the TV the presenters are asking when will this lockdown stop, can we survive this, or the world is in crisis. The economists are predicting global recession, and some are talking about a depression. There are websites counting the deaths, YouTube has channels urging us Continue Reading

Should I get treatment now with COVID-19 as a risk?

Should I treat MS while COVID-19 is active?

The hills in Connemara must be growing, and the stairs are longer and steeper. Every step has become a moment of concentration. Before the COVID-19 pandemic had become mainstream, my walking had become worse. My right leg is assisted by Functional Electrical Stimulation, but the intensity of the pulse needs Continue Reading

How Patient & Public Involvement is giving me purpose.

How Patient & Public Involvement is giving me purpose

My legs are a disaster. In the last year I have started using an FES device for my right leg, and my left one is now like my right was a year and a half ago. Sativex helps with my mobility, but its cost is prohibitive, and now I only Continue Reading

Can you take a holiday from DISABILITY? The Irish Government thinks I can!!

To say I am angry is an understatement. Yesterday when I arrived home, fully of optimism about our country and its desire to put the patient (I am writing a post about this too), to find a letter from Social Welfare. Readers of my blog know I have Multiple Sclerosis, Continue Reading

A life changing trip? San Francisco – Part 3

A life changing trip? Cannabis

Following on from my description of my visit to the USA which I shared in ‘A life changing trip? San Francisco – Part 1‘ and “A life changing trip? San Francisco – Part 2‘, today’s post will help you understand the title. Cannabis In California the use of cannabis is Continue Reading

Functional Electrical Stimulation is changing my life

Functional Electrical Stimulation

Over the last 5 years my walking has slowly become worse. The day after my car accident I felt a heaviness in my right leg. I needed just a little more effort to use it, and it tired quickly. This weight has grown since then, and it now feels like Continue Reading