COVID-19 Confinement is finishing, or is it?

Resting during my walk

It was a warm day yesterday, and I had the chance to sit outside and read. The feel of the sun is fantastic, and I always welcome its feel. Somehow it renews me. The heat is like a charger and it can bring me from nearly depleted to half full. Continue Reading

Should I get treatment now with COVID-19 as a risk?

Should I treat MS while COVID-19 is active?

The hills in Connemara must be growing, and the stairs are longer and steeper. Every step has become a moment of concentration. Before the COVID-19 pandemic had become mainstream, my walking had become worse. My right leg is assisted by Functional Electrical Stimulation, but the intensity of the pulse needs Continue Reading

How Patient & Public Involvement is giving me purpose.

How Patient & Public Involvement is giving me purpose

My legs are a disaster. In the last year I have started using an FES device for my right leg, and my left one is now like my right was a year and a half ago. Sativex helps with my mobility, but its cost is prohibitive, and now I only Continue Reading

Can you take a holiday from DISABILITY? The Irish Government thinks I can!!

To say I am angry is an understatement. Yesterday when I arrived home, fully of optimism about our country and its desire to put the patient (I am writing a post about this too), to find a letter from Social Welfare. Readers of my blog know I have Multiple Sclerosis, Continue Reading